A collaborative work for the sculpture park of Natalie Thomkins and Eberhard Kulenkampff in Umbria, Italy. Out of found travertin blocks from a nearby quarry we built this massive stone sculpture within two and a half days. Dimensions: height 3,40 m × length 2,60 m × depth 1,0 m. Participating artists: Stephane Krust, Eberhard Kulenkampff, Mattis L├╝hmann, Janis Mengel, Paul Poutzier, Nevena Savic, Otto Stegen, Natalie Thomkins, Ingo Vetter. The search for a title started with “Sphynx of Aqua Nera” (a creek close by), “Hole-pony” was discussed and finaly ended with “Bluna”, a once famous soda pop.