Excursion to Israel and Golan

In June/July 2012 the group traveled to Israel and Golan, to get an insight in the contemporary art scene, the discussions and conflict lines. The first week was dedicated to an intensive visiting program at museums, galleries, art academies, kibbutzim, independent spaces and studios. Curator Ellen Blumenstein was our guide and we shared parts of the program with the students of Prof. Felix Ensslin, from the Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design. The second week, we went to Maydal Shams, an arab village at the occupied Golan Heights for a workshop with artists associated to the local cultural center Fateh Mudarris. This workshop continued in 2013 with a visit of the Golan artist in Umeå, Sweden and a shared exhibition.

For more information: http://golamea.blogspot.se/