Futur Perfekt

  • The front part of the Ariane carrier rocket,

  • inside a mushroom farm.

  • Sketches for the future use are presented.

  • Parts of the rocket contain student works and a video shows interviews, the students had with politicians, involved in the Space Park decision.

This two-term project started with a theory course on urbanism, followed by an extended research about the “Space Park”, an urban entertainment center planned at the former shipyard area in Bremen. We created a scenario, imagining a situation after a foreclosure in 2010, where the future use of the Space Park would have been discussed. The results were shown in an exhibition at the GAK. The students build a mock-up of an Ariane carrier rocket (the symbol of the Space Park), proposed future uses of the park and realized own art works. They organized the press communication including radio and television interviews, and the documentation was published as a supplement in the local newspaper. Ironically, the real Space Park went bankrupt already 7 months after the opening in 2004.

Futur Perfekt was realized by Holger Börgartz, Claudia Christoffel, Derk Claassen, Michael Hennig, Claudia Kapp, Andreas Kotulla, Belaid Le Mharchi, Ulf Treger, Ingo Vetter, Sandy Volz und Annette Weisser.