• production stills

  • Generika B, porcelain, h 42 cm × d 36 cm

  • Generika A, porcelain, h 41 cm × d 34 cm

  • Generika C, porcelain, h 42,5 cm × d 37 cm

  • Generika D, porcelain, h 42 cm × d 40 cm

  • Generika E, porcelain, h 40 cm × d 38 cm

  • production still

Generika is a series of big scale porcelain objects. The forms refer to ancient pottery from Asia, Southern Europe and Central America. For the realization all forms were scaled to the same size, turned in styrofoam, transferred into plaster molds and casted in Limoges porcelain in an edition of five. The fine detailing of the porcelain cast copies every small disruption and failure of the styrofoam model. Unique qualities of the ancient pots are reproduced as generic series.