Neue Form

  • production still: salt-glaze kiln at Fachschule Keramik Höhr-Grenzhausen

Buckets, cans and bottles – industrial forms right out of the grocery or hardware store in a re-appropriation made in the most traditional way of German pottery: hand thrown and salt-glazed stoneware. The blue-smalt painting takes up elements from logotypes, but with the pencil and sweep of the traditional floral decor. Brass elements are ornamental details for the functional forms.

Buckets, salt-glazed stoneware with brass handles, h 24-35 cm × d 27-45 cm
Bottles, salt-glazed stoneware with brass caps, h 21-35 cm × d 8-10,5 cm
Cans, salt-glazed stoneware with brass clips, h 10-16 cm × d 6,5-8,5 cm