Ingo Vetter & Annette Weisser

  • o.T., a sculpture in the city of Belgrade

  • o.T., a sculpture in the city of Belgrade

  • Slavija Square with "Mitics Hole", 2001

  • The uncompleted National Bank, 2001

An installation at Slavija Square in Belgrade, midst among the pop-up kiosks of the informal economy of post war Serbia.

A quote from curator Zoran Erić’s essay: “The artistic intervention comprised of an installation that symbolically reflected the layering of different economies revolving around its site. It was conceived as an exact replica of the facade elements of the National Bank under construction, meaning that artists were required to use exactly the same materials including commissioning the same factory to cut the Italian glass. Even the remaining marble was procured from the building site and used as a base of the installation. As a subtle response to the context, the installation of Annette Weisser and Ingo Vetter also involved formal mimicry of the site environment of kiosks and boutique booths. An important part of the artistic project was a (more or less successful) process of negotiation with all of the agents involved in the socio-spatial economy of the site.”

Mirror glas, marble socket, metal frame (all materials derived from the adjacent construction site of the national Bank)
sides 100cm in length, height 220cm