Populäre Plastik

Ingo Vetter & Angelika Reitzer & HOMI & Tania Prill

Popular sculpture
Art in public space is a work in long-term loops. An imagined linearity between design and implementation entangles itself in communication and coordination with the many involved. Dealing with requirements and technical difficulties changes the creation. The authorship resigns from the moment of publication and the artwork gains its own dynamic in the process of appropriation by its audience. In the publication, Ingo Vetter moves in circles in relation to his own projects and artworks that once, set into the world, so far have not been completed, have not experienced yet an arriving.

EDITOR Anna Nowak and Ingo Vetter
TEXTS Angelika Reitzer and Ingo Vetter
TRANSLATION Catriona Shaw and Geoffrey Howes
DESIGN HOMI (Christian Hofer and Lea Michel) in collaboration with Tania Prill
LANGUAGE German and English inlay
DETAILS 144 + 16 pages + 8 pages Cover, 23.5  x 17.5 cm, 184 ills. in color
Printed in Germany by PögeDruck, Leipzig
Verlag für moderne Kunst, Wien 2020
ISBN 978-3-903320-54-3

Supported with funds from Senator für Kultur Bremen, Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung Bremen, Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung and Gävle Konstcentrum. Additional support from Hochschule für Künste Bremen and K‘ Zentrum Aktuelle Kunst e.V. Bremen.