2007 – 2008

Projekt Ålidhem

  • Presentation of the student proposals at the local shopping center

  • An advertising campaign in the national financial newspaper by Nils-Johan Sjöquist

  • Therese Johansson preparing the public television viewing

  • Nils-Johan Sjöquists “Stänk”, an inflatable color drop

  • The column “Where do you live?” by Per Arne Sträng

  • A drawing from Ylva Trapps publication

  • Concrete furniture in the forest by Mariel Rosendahl

  • Still image from Mariel Rosendahl's movie

  • Frida Krohns new Ålidhem-pastry at the local bakery

  • Martina Wolgasts “...HMLG”, a secret garden

This is a research and development project about new forms of public art for Ålidhem, a suburb of Umeå in the north of Sweden. The dwelling was realized in the late 1960s as an outstanding example of functionalist city planning, but there was never a public art program. With a commission from the city and financial support from real estate companies, we initiated an 18-month long process. The whole neighborhood was invited to an international lecture and workshop program at site. After the research phase, the students started to develop proposals, which were presented and discussed in the community center. 12 projects were realized in Ålidhem during spring 2008 and they presented a variety of contemporary strategies for the public space: from advertisement campaigns, new pastries, film- and book-projects, to gardens and monumental sculptures. Some projects only existed a short time, others are permanent, but they all offer an experience, a new view on our everyday life. A book documenting the project was published in 2009.

Projekt Ålidhem was realized by Lars Hedelin, Therese Johansson, Frida Krohn, Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy, Mariel Rosendahl, Nils-Johan Sjöquist, Lina Palmqvist, Per Arne Sträng, Ylva Trapp and Martina Wolgast. Project leaders were Maria Bjurestam, Christofer Fredriksson, Peter Lundström and Ingo Vetter. Invited lecturers and contributers were Hans Åkerlind, Zoran Eriç, Brigitte Franzen, Tom van Gestel, Vesa Honkonen and Johan Zetterquist.