Reconstruction of a ship wreck

Iceland is full of stories and many places are constituted by stories and given names. A name for a village „Hólmavík“, a name for a beach „Valllnesvík“, names for stones on the beach like „Sigguhellìr“ with an own cruel story. „Reconstruction of a ship wreck“ refers to a quote by philosopher Byung-Chul Han, saying that a ship never returns just the same to the port from which it left. Along the way, repairs are made, parts and crew replaced, use or ownership changed etc. A shipwreck is accordingly the collection of these changes. The artwork joins together remains found on the beach and assembles possible stories with knots – functional fishing and sailing knots, macramé and pearl weaving with beach stones and fishing floats, decorative Celtic, Korean and Chinese knots. It is a speculation and starting point for new stories.

Together with students from Hochschule Düsseldorf – Jennifer Amuta, Hannah Perpeet, Ines Wiedl, Melike Toprak, Ranvir Singh Sandhu, Friedrich Breidenich – we collected stories about the place in interviews, which will be edited for a 3D-map of the place to be released on the website https://www.sculpturewalk.de .

Sculpture Walk Hólmavík is organized by Anna Björk, Ingrid Ogenstedt and Arne Rawe, building up a contemporary landscape art walk on the shores of Hólmavík, a village on Vestfirðir, Iceland.

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Sculpture Walk Hólmavík, curators: Anna Björk, Ingrid Ogenstedt and Arne Rawe, Hólmavík, Vestfirðir, Island