Tableau européen

Ingo Vetter & Annette Weisser

Tableau européen / Nice souvenir

In the classical French Garden, a Tableau is a miniaturized landscape of a famous battlefield, which serves as “pièce de la conversation” at the promenade. We updated this garden feature, replanting an abandoned flower bed in the baroque gardens of Albi. Now the underlaying motive was a detail of the urban structure of nearby Nice, where just a couple of month before, massive demonstrations against an EU-summit had taken place. In addition to the miniature landscape of this battle, we also planted the protagonists as flowers (violett=Police, red/white/yellow/orange=different groups of protesters, sukkulents=tear gas), recapitulating dozens of reports from the violent escalation of the demonstrations, in particular the police advance with tear gas at Place Garibaldi.