Urban Agriculture

  • Installation view, Bildmuseet, Umeå 2010

  • Catherine Ferguson Academy, Selden, west of central Detroit

  • Lowell Prags House, Cass Corridor, central Detroit

  • Susan Wongs Vegetable Plots, Cass Corridor, central Detroit

  • Suburban-style condominiums, Woodward Avenue, central Detroit

  • Wayne County Prison, Conant Avenue, Detroit-Hamtramck

  • Detroit Tigers Baseball Stadium, Woodward Avenue, central Detroit

A group of people have been able to capitalize on Detroit’s continuing decline over the last decades – to the benefit of the city and its inhabitants; the inner city farmers. Considering the city’s large number of wasteland tracts, caused by both active neglect and natural dilapidation of empty apartment buildings, the area under cultivation is still rather small. The remaining inhabitants have gradually enlarged their fruit and vegetable gardens, bought some additional land, or simply squatted some. A farmland network has thus developed in the middle of what was once the densely populated centre of one of the world’s formerly largest industrial cities.