Monthly Archives: July 2021

Twin City Challenge Haifa-Bremen

For this cultural exchange 14 artists from Haifa and Bremen were invited to form tandem-pairs and develop new art work during a six-month online collaboration. I had the pleasure to work with Sharon Glazberg. We started with agriculture related stories from our family backgrounds and finally approached the fruit and vegetables market at Domshof, asking… Read more »

Forced Feral at Influencers Taubenheim

The non-site versions of the land art projects and exhibition from Kunstverein Springhornhof in the Lüneburg Heath moves in to our university’s temporary project space Taubenheim at Open Space Domshof in the city center of Bremen. Silent Opening on Tuesday 20 July 2021 at 12:00 with Kimchi-rolls performance Exhibition 20 – 24 July 2021, opening… Read more »