Public Workshop in Düsseldorf

Welcome to a public workshop about forward-looking solutions for the integration of noise protection at the new RRX high speed train corridor through Düsseldorf. The three winning concepts will be presented by Ursula Damm, Ute Reeh and Ingo Vetter. In an open meeting, ideas, wishes, suggestions and cooperations will be discussed.

Plattform Wiesencafé is laboratory for urban development, run by artist Ute Reeh /Zentrum für Peripherie.

Opening Friday, 18 August 2023 at 7pm. Talks, presentations and food on Saturday, 19 August 2023 between 2pm and 8pm and Sunday, 20 August 2023 between 12am and 6pm.

Address: Plattform Wiesencafé, Wittenberger Weg 1, 40593 Düsseldorf-Garath, Germany

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