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Der Wind stößt auf eine leere Plastikflasche und sie rollt den Hügel hinunter

Francisco Valença Vaz curates #rausproject Vol. 14, a quick & dirty exhibition in Vienna. Here the exhibition information: “„The blast recoils and hits the unloaded plastic bottles / Vague Vase / They fall to bits / So social as it could be / An island of imminent consumption deforming whenever a smartass takes a sip / Pigment water“ Opening: Friday,… Read more »


MAP 2021 has a new theme “the WHITE DISTANCE” – an artistic response to the distances created by the pandemic and wants to rethink the existing gaps in the physical and psychological human life. The project started from July 2021 to until mid-September by a series of weekly online discussion with a large group of… Read more »

The very big Minigolf Experience

Summer entertainment: A miniature golf course at our studio collective Künstlerhaus Güterbahnhof Bremen with 13 sculptural tracks built by artists. My course “Historical sideshows: The light blue sphere fill the grays.“ takes reference to El Lissitzky’s “The red wedge beats the whites”. The very big Minigolf Experience playable from 14 August until 19 September 2021 at… Read more »

Twin City Challenge Haifa-Bremen

For this cultural exchange 14 artists from Haifa and Bremen were invited to form tandem-pairs and develop new art work during a six-month online collaboration. I had the pleasure to work with Sharon Glazberg. We started with agriculture related stories from our family backgrounds and finally approached the fruit and vegetables market at Domshof, asking… Read more »

Forced Feral at Influencers Taubenheim

The non-site versions of the land art projects and exhibition from Kunstverein Springhornhof in the Lüneburg Heath moves in to our university’s temporary project space Taubenheim at Open Space Domshof in the city center of Bremen. Silent Opening on Tuesday 20 July 2021 at 12:00 with Kimchi-rolls performance Exhibition 20 – 24 July 2021, opening… Read more »

Forced Feral at Springhornhof

Over the last year of the pandemic we escaped to the country side and the students of my class developed 10 new land-art projects and another 12 contributions for an exhibition at Springhornhof. Opening at Springhornhof on Saturday 26 June 2021 at 15:00 with performance and garden party. Exhibition from 27 June to 04 July… Read more »

Workshop at Silpakorn University Bangkok

   The University of the Arts Bremen has an Erasmus+ Exchange with the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts at Silpakorn University Bangkok. Due to the Covid pandemic we can’t travel and will do the first lectures and workshops online.

Interlace Podcast

Stockholm based Christofer Fredriksson and his colleague Mirko Varano run a podcast about internationalization of higher education and culture. For the latest issue they talked with me about international art practice and education. Interlace Podcast, Episode #26 – International Art Education and the life as an artist in academia

Abbruch aller Moderne

A Group Show at gallery K’ with Christian Haake, Arne Schmitt, Saskia Senge and Ingo Vetter. No Vernissage but visit by appointment –> call +49 421 1614 2692 or email Exhibition from April 08 until July 11, 2021 Galerie K’, Alexanderstraße 9b, 28203 Bremen, Germany

Family Constellation in Bremen

  The video recordings for the Bremen version of Family Constellation are done and now it’s time for editing. Many thanks to Martin Reichmann for the setup and Luisa Eugeni for the filming and to Gewoba for the locations.