Multi-perspective remembering – current monument concepts in Bremen

A discussion event as part of the Changing City Festival on 50 years of art in public space in Bremen. Monuments have clearly defined themes and societal tasks and thus differ from art in public space. At the same time, current artistic strategies are used for implementation. What are the consequences of this?

Three current monument projects from Bremen will be presented: Elianna Renner presents the Köfte Kosher memorial pavilion, Ingo Vetter talks about the planned memorial for the abused and murdered children in care and Evin Oettingshausen presents the current status of the “Aryanisation”-memorial.

Sunday 03.09.2023 from 15:00 to 16:30 at Köfte Kosher memorial pavilion
Marwa-El-Sherbini-Platz (Bermuda Triangle), Fehrfeld, 28203 Bremen, Germany

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