For this group exhibition, every invited artist gets a carte blanche for one room at the Museum Weserburg. I’ll show some of my new stone sculptures.

Participating artists: Achim Bitter, Christian Boltanski, Christian Jankowski, Clemens Krauss, Alicja Kwade, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Horst Müller, Erich Reusch, Taryn Simon, Ingo Vetter, Günter Weseler. Curators: Peter Friese and Ingo Clauß

More information at the Homepage of the Museum Weserburg

Opening on Friday, 29 January 2016 at 19:00
Exhibition from 30 january 2016 until 22 May 2016

Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst, Teerhof 20, 28199 Bremen

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